Super bowl Sunday

No soy fan de la NFL, pero hay algo especial con el Super bowl y si, es el half time show! Fuimos a ver el partido (el half time show) en Mercado Roma. Levi’s organizó un evento ahí y estuvo muy padre. Comida rica, ambiente amigable y chelas gratis 😉

La verdad no sé quien ganó.. creo que fue Broncos, pero whatever… Que buen half time show!! Beyoncé es una reina así que bow down bitches, game over equipos, Queen B is in the mother fucking building! Me emocioné tanto con el half time show que me puse una peda brutal y ayer no me podía levantar de la cama, pero saben qué? Valió toda la pena porque qué bien me la pasé.


I’m not a big fan of the NFL, but there’s something about the Super bowl and yes, it’s the half time show! We went to see the game (the half time show) at Mercado Roma where Levi’s had organized a super cool event with good food, cool people and free beer 😉

To be honest I don’t even know who won the game… I think it was Broncos, but whatever… What a great half time show! Beyoncé is the shit, so bow down bitches! Game over players! Queen B is in the mother fucking building! I got so excited watching the show, I couldn’t stop downing my drinks and that ended up in me getting so wasted I couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday… But you know what? It was totally worth it because I had so much fun.


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