MBFWMx Day 2

Ayer no tuve tiempo para hacer un update aqui en el blog asi que lo hago ahorita… MBFWMx segundo dia… Mucha mas gente!!! Fui con mi amiga Pato. No llegamos a tiempo para ver la primera pasarela pero vimos las dos diseñadoras Cynthia Buttenklepper y Natalie Amkie que presentaron sus colecciones juntas en “The Box”. Muchos vestidos y telas obscuras pero me gusto!! El unico pedo fue que hacia tanto calor adentro y yo con chamarra, gorra y camara no aguante pelearme con la gente para ver todas las modelos…

I didn’t have time to do an update on the blog yesterday so here we go… MBFWMx second day… It was packed!! I went there with my friend Pato. Unfortunately we didnt get there on time for the first designer but we did get to see the two designers Cynthia Buttenklepper and Natalie Amkie who presented their new collections together in “The Box”. A lot of dresses and a lot of dark fabrics but I liked it!! The only thing with “The Box” was that it got so hot because there was so many people. I was wearing a jacket, a hat and my camera so in the end I couldn’t take it, I went out without getting around to see all the models…

IMG_2113 IMG_2119 IMG_2117

Despues fuimos a ver la pasarela de Alejandra Quesada. Muchos colores pero no me gusto tanto… Tenia unas cosas chidas, mi favorito fue el sueter con la sandia!

After that we went to see the runway show of Alejandra Quesada. She had a few cool things in her collection, my favorite piece was the sweater with the watermelon! The collection was very colorful but it wasn’t my favorite…

IMG_2138 IMG_2142 IMG_2141 IMG_2147 IMG_2160

La ultima pasarela fue de Rapsodia… OMG. Quiero toda la coleccion!!!! Me encanta la ropa de Rapsodia!! Saque como mil fotos pero aqui estan las que salieron bien. Tambien tuve que sacar unas fotos paparazzi de Gaby de Modacapital y Lety Sahagun que estaban en la primera fila y se veian muy chic las dos 😉

The last runway show was Rapsodia.. OMG. I want the whole collection!! I really like the clothes from Rapsodia!! I took like a thousand photos but here are the ones that came out good. I also had to take some paparazzi photos of Gaby from Modacapital and Lety Sahagun, they were sitting in the front row looking really chic 😉

IMG_2191 IMG_2200 IMG_2199 IMG_2169 IMG_2206 IMG_2222 IMG_2227 IMG_2231IMG_2174 IMG_2220

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