Mayweather es un Beliber!!

Hoy es un dia muy especial para los Mexicanos, hoy es el dia del grito!! La verdad no se si voy a salir a gritar… Siento que grite bastante ayer mirando el box. Mierda Canelo, pense que ibas a ganar!! El box es como mi guilty pleasure… Me encanta verlo! Pero una pregunta, que hace Mayweather entrando a la pelea con Justin Bieber?! Quien penso que Mayweather era un Beliber?!

Today is a very special day for Mexicans, it’s their Independence day!! I don’t know if I’m doing something special to celebrate it. Here in Mexico you go out for the “scream” You know “viva” “viva” “viva Mexico”, but I did a lot of screaming yesterday watching boxing. Damn Canelo, I thought you were gonna win the fight!! I have to admit that box is my guilty pleasure… I love it! But one thing I didn’t get from yesterday… What is Mayweather doing walking into the fight with Justin Bieber?! Who knew Mayweather was a Beliber?!


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