Love it!!

Shoot me in the face. Quiero estar en la playa otra vez!! Nooo, mentira. Obvio quiero estar aqui en Expo Bancomer. Hoy solo trabajo 8 horas en tacones, que lujo!! Mi amiga me mando esta foto por twitter, estaba en “club” de Reforma… Se ve chido pero no tan chido como aqui… Vestido, aire frio al full, tacones, y “saggy sandwiches” para almorzar <3

Shoot me in the face. I wanna go back to the beach again!! Nooo, I’m just kidding obviously I prefer being here in Expo Bancomer. Today i only work 8 hours in high heels, deluxe baby!! A friend of mine sent me this pic on Twitter, it was in the “club” part of Reforma… It looks nice but not as nice as right here right now…I mean a beach ain’t got shit on this… A dress, super cold airconditioning, high heels, saggy sandwiches for lunch <3


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