Woooow, mira que me mandaron de Fruttimania!!!! Dos cajas llenas de bolsitas Fruttimania, sabor manzana!! Que rico y que saludable!! Por fin tengo un snack que no me engorda!! Cada bolsa tiene menos de 40 cal… Ahora y adelante solo voy a comer Fruttimania y en unos semanas me van a confundir con Miranda Kerr…

Woooow, Look what they sent me from Fruttimania!! Two boxes full of little fruttimania bags, apple flavor!! That’s sooo good and healthy!! Finally I have a snack I can eat and not get fat!! Every bag contains less that 40 cal… From now on Fruttimania is all I’m gonna eat and in a few weeks you will mistake me for Miranda Kerr…

Bild 2013-11-06 kl. 12.00 #2 timthumb.phpAlexandra??!

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