Bye Bye Martes

Quiero que hoy se acaba ya, jajaja! No tuve mucho “flow” hoy… Andaba como loca de casting a casting pero sin suerte!! Llegue al último casting y ahí esperaba dos horas para pasar y hacer el casting y por fin cuando era mi numero, me vieron y me dijeron “no tienes el perfil” 🙁 Hijos de su /%$%$!**()*)_(!!! Si no tengo el perfil porque no me dijeron esto hace dos horas, ESTUPIDOS!!!

I just want this day to end, hahaha! I didn’t have any flow today… I was running around from casting to casting but completely without luck!! I came to the last casting and waited for my turn for two hours, when it was finally my turn the people just took a quick look at me and said I wasn’t the profile they were looking for. Mother Fu&/%!#* If I’m not the profile you are looking for you could have told me that two hours ago, IDIOTS!!


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