El otro dia fui a ver a mi amiga Stefa haciendo stand up en el Beerhall en la condesa (Sonora esq. Puebla) y neta que show!!! Es la primera vez que la veo y no mames!! Mato el escenario con sus chistes del embarazo!! Todos estaban cagandose de risa y tengo que confesar que me senti muuy orgullosa!! Cada Miercoles tienen “open mic” ahi en el Beerhall y todos pueden pasar y notarse para probar su matetial “stand up”!! Habia varios comediantes, unos mejores que otros, y Stefa fue una de los mejores!!

The other day I went to this bar called The Beerhall (located on Sonora and Puebla) to watch my friend Stefa do stand up! And honestly, what a show!!! It was the first time I saw her doing stand up and she killed it!! Her jokes about being pregnant made everybody crack up!! I have to admit I felt very proud!! You need some balls to do stand up! Every Wednesday at te Beerhall they have an “open mic”, anybody can go there to try out their stand up material!! When we went, there was a lot of comedians, some better than others and Stefa was one of the best!


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